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Fast, reliable, and user-friendly



Some customers have a list of their attendees and need AET to import the list to the badge printing stations.


Text in for session attendance, text out to assure attendees stick around, scanning at door, CEU tracking, and more.


Choose your size and design your layout. Graphics are preprinted off site and the variable information is printed onsite.


Post Check-in messages include: Personalized and updated schedules, information on speakers/sessions, text alerts, and more.


Links to surveys can be included at session check in via text messaging, AET compiles responses and provides data.


A valuable tool for exhibitors who wish to follow up, post-event. Offered at zero additional cost to clients.

Quick, Efficient & Easy Event Registration in Santa Ana, CA

In the bustling city of Santa Ana, planning a corporate get-together has taken a leap forward with Active Event Technology. We specialize in providing quick, efficient, and easy sign-up solutions tailored for the dynamic landscape.

We focus on making the entire process a seamless and friction-free experience. Whether it’s a corporate conference or a local community gathering, our solutions are here to streamline the process.

Highlights of our services for Santa Ana planners:

  • User-friendly and modern interfaces
  • Flexible event badge printing options
  • Secure and reliable data handling
  • Efficient attendee management systems

Our commitment to providing fast and user-friendly services sets us apart in the industry. If you’re looking for a hassle-free solution, don’t hesitate to call us at 530-413-5212 or visit our contact page.

No More Long Lines with Onsite Event Badge Printing!

Say goodbye to long lines and tedious waiting with our onsite event badge printing services. Our event badge printing services are a perfect fit for Santa Ana’s fast-paced event scene, ensuring a smooth and efficient entry process.

The efficiency of onsite badge printing cannot be overstated. With our solution, organizers can enjoy the benefits of immediate badge printing, including custom badges and lanyards.

Key benefits of our event badge printing:

  • Fast and efficient badge printing on-site
  • Customizable badges and lanyards
  • Reduced waiting times for attendees
  • Professional and sleek badge designs
  • Easy integration with existing registration systems

In summary, our onsite event badge printing service is an essential tool for successful gatherings in Santa Ana. We are dedicated to enhancing the experience with innovative solutions. For efficient event badge printing services, call us at 530-413-5212 or visit our contact page.

Why Choose Our Event Registration System in Santa Ana?

Event Registration System Santa Ana CA

Choosing the right event registration system is crucial for the success, and this is where we shine. Our event registration system is designed with the user in mind, offering a blend of simplicity, efficiency, and versatility.

We cater to a range of gatherings, providing a platform that meets the diverse needs of Santa Ana’s various offerings.

Our event registration system stands out as one of the best platforms available. It’s not just about registering attendees; it’s about creating an organized and streamlined process that enhances the overall planning experience.

Advantages of our event registration system:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly platform
  • Quick and efficient registration processing
  • Secure data handling and privacy assurance
  • Comprehensive support and assistance

In conclusion, Active Event Technology provides an exceptional event registration system for Santa Ana. Our focus on customer satisfaction and technological innovation makes us the go-to choice for event registration solutions.

To experience the best in event registration systems, call 530-413-5212 today.

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