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Fast, reliable, and user-friendly



Some customers have a list of their attendees and need AET to import the list to the badge printing stations.


Text in for session attendance, text out to assure attendees stick around, scanning at door, CEU tracking, and more.


Choose your size and design your layout. Graphics are preprinted off site and the variable information is printed onsite.


Post Check-in messages include: Personalized and updated schedules, information on speakers/sessions, text alerts, and more.


Links to surveys can be included at session check in via text messaging, AET compiles responses and provides data.


A valuable tool for exhibitors who wish to follow up, post-event. Offered at zero additional cost to clients.

Quick, Efficient & Easy Event Registration in Orange, CA

AET provides cutting-edge event registration solutions that offer numerous benefits to corporations. We are a reputable service provider for streamlined event registration in Orange. We focus on making the event registration process smooth and stress-free for attendees and staff.

Our modern registration system provides features like automated event badge printing and mobile accessibility. This allows all attendees to have all the information and scheduling details accessible from their mobile devices anytime.

Here are some of the reasons we are a proffered choice for event registration management:

  • Limited direct contact
  • Free of human error
  • Professional appearance
  • Online payments

You can set up a simple and effective event registration experience for any upcoming conference or social gathering by contacting us at 530-413-5212.

No More Long Lines with Onsite Event Badge Printing!

One of the situations often occurring when large events require pre or onsite registration is congestion in entrance halls. Our onsite event badge printing in Orange is the solution to avoiding impatient attendees and delayed commencement.

Our innovative registration system can effortlessly issue over 100 badges per minute. In addition, we are offering onsite event badge printing that is detailed, efficient, and free from human error.

Our event badge printing solutions in Orange offer the following benefits for organizers and attendees:

  • Saving registration time
  • Space efficient kiosks
  • Avoiding crowds
  • Online efficiency

Automated event badge printing is just one of the features of our service that contribute to an enjoyable and professional registration process for attendees.

Why Choose Our Event Registration System in Orange?

Event Registration System Orange CA
We provide a comprehensive event registration system that streamlines organizing events, managing schedules, and updating guest details. Our kiosks are space-saving but also offer the additional benefit of registering guests from any device.

Our event registration system is an excellent way to manage attendees’ data, trigger engagement, and follow up with more information after events. Clients appreciate how easy to use our solutions are and how they can be customized to suit your requirements.

Here are a few additional aspects of our event registration systems in Orange that event organizers find beneficial:

  • Rapid tag or badge printing
  • Attendee information importing
  • Scheduled session tracking
  • Ease of follow-up connections

Our event registration system is an all-in-one solution for large conferences of businesses or organizations. For an advanced event registration system that improves efficiency and effective crowd organization for large gatherings, contact our team today at 530-413-5212.

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