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Fast, reliable, and user-friendly



Some customers have a list of their attendees and need AET to import the list to the badge printing stations.


Text in for session attendance, text out to assure attendees stick around, scanning at door, CEU tracking, and more.


Choose your size and design your layout. Graphics are preprinted off site and the variable information is printed onsite.


Post Check-in messages include: Personalized and updated schedules, information on speakers/sessions, text alerts, and more.


Links to surveys can be included at session check in via text messaging, AET compiles responses and provides data.


A valuable tool for exhibitors who wish to follow up, post-event. Offered at zero additional cost to clients.

Quick, Efficient & Easy Event Registration in Ontario, CA

Organizing a successful business get-together hinges on a streamlined registration process. Our event registration system is perfectly suited to Ontario’s diverse business and cultural affairs, accommodating a wide range of attendee needs.

AET takes this burden off your shoulders, offering an innovative and swift solution for both organizers and attendees. Our proficiency in event badge printing enhances the professional ambiance of your occasion.

Forget the awkward mix-ups of names and faces at your gatherings. Our advanced event registration system eliminates such hiccups through mobile compatibility and automatic badge issuance.

With our state-of-the-art event badge printing, badges are distributed promptly and accurately. Choose us in Ontario for:

  • Hassle-free badge issuance
  • Intuitive registration process
  • Design focused on attendee experience
  • Reduced need for manual checks

Ready to upgrade your event registration in Ontario? Call us at 530-413-5212 to transform your experience.

No More Long Lines with Onsite Event Badge Printing!

Tired of enduring endless lines and frustrating delays? Our solution revolutionizes the check-in process. Our advanced event registration system can produce over 100 badges per minute, showcasing our expertise in event badge printing.

Our event badge printing kiosks exemplify efficiency, ensuring a swift flow in badge distribution. Plus, our event registration system is designed to update attendee information seamlessly for ongoing communications.

Benefits of our event registration system in Ontario include:

  • Instant mobile synchronization
  • Elimination of queues
  • Optimal efficiency
  • Rapid badge issuance
  • Integrated management

Say goodbye to the hassles of long waits with our cutting-edge event badge printing technology. Call now for an unparalleled experience!

Why Choose Our Event Registration System in Ontario?

Event Registration System Ontario CA

Looking beyond rapid badge printing, our event registration system enriches client experiences with advanced features that transform participation.

Our event badge printing is just the beginning; we offer interactive enhancements to make every moment count.

We infuse your occasion with engaging elements, from unique text-based competitions in expo areas to instant text confirmations for educational credits.

Elevate your gathering in Ontario with our system’s unique offerings:

  • Interactive texting games for expo visitors
  • Critical updates via emergency texts
  • Direct text confirmations for continuing education units
  • Live updates on leaderboards
  • Simplified continuing education unit accreditation

Renowned for serving high-profile clients, including National Football League’s San Francisco 49ers, we’re ready to upgrade your registration process.

Elevate your Ontario affair with our cutting-edge event registration system. Contact us today by calling 530-413-5212 to learn more or to get started!

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