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Fast, reliable, and user-friendly



Some customers have a list of their attendees and need AET to import the list to the badge printing stations.


Text in for session attendance, text out to assure attendees stick around, scanning at door, CEU tracking, and more.


Choose your size and design your layout. Graphics are preprinted off site and the variable information is printed onsite.


Links to surveys can be included at session check in via text messaging, AET compiles responses and provides data.


Post Check-in messages include: Personalized and updated schedules, information on speakers/sessions, text alerts, and more.


A valuable tool for exhibitors who wish to follow up, post-event. Offered at zero additional cost to clients.

Quick, Efficient & Easy Event Registration in Las Vegas, NV

Embarking on the journey of hosting a memorable experience in Las Vegas often begins with the daunting task of registration.

Fear not, for AET is your ultimate ally, transforming the registration journey into one that’s swift, streamlined, and a breeze for organizers and participants alike.

The icing on the cake is our proficiency in event badge printing, adding a layer of finesse to the whole experience.

Say goodbye to the uncomfortable silences when on-site teams can’t place a face to a name.

Our cutting-edge event registration system eradicates these hiccups through its advanced features, including seamless mobile integration and automatic badge issuance.

Our event badge printing ensures a fast and flawless badge handout. Elevate your event registration system in Las Vegas with offerings such as:

  • Intuitive user experience
  • Automated badge handouts
  • Smooth operation
  • Zero manual searches

Eager to transform your registration process in Las Vegas? Wait no more; reach out to us at 530-413-5212 immediately.

No More Long Lines with Onsite Event Badge Printing!

Are lengthy queues and endless waiting tarnishing your experience? Discover the solution you’ve been seeking with us.

Our state-of-the-art event registration system boasts the capacity to produce over 100 badges in a mere minute, affirming our supremacy in event badge printing within the industry.

Indeed, the proficiency of our kiosks ensures that event badge printing efficiency is always at its peak.

What’s more, our solution intuitively refreshes attendee contact details for subsequent use.

The benefits of employing our event registration system in Las Vegas are manifold:

  • Speedy printing of badges
  • Integrated mobile connectivity
  • Absence of frustrating lines
  • Peerless productivity
  • Optimized processes

Say goodbye to the stress of prolonged queues by embracing our sophisticated event badge printing technology.
Seize the moment; give us a call and transition to excellence!

Why Choose Our Event Registration System in Las Vegas?

Event Registration System Las Vegas NV
Our reputation transcends the mere efficiency of badge production when discussing event registration systems.

Clients frequently tell us we’ve revolutionized their experiences, not just through rapid badge access but also via our advanced event badge printing and extra functionalities that amplify the entire journey.

We spice up the mix with unique attractions like texting games within expo halls and instant confirmations of CEU credits via messages, enhancing engagement and ease.

Transform your event into a more dynamic and pleasurable affair with features that distinguish our event registration system in Las Vegas:

  • Expo texting entertainments
  • Instant CEU verifications through texts
  • Urgent text notifications
  • Live leaderboards
  • Efficient CEU credit processes

Our portfolio boasts services rendered to high-profile names such as the San Francisco Giants and the San Francisco 49ers, underlining our competence.

Upgrade your event badge printing process in Las Vegas with our sophisticated event registration system. Dial 530-413-5212 now!

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