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Fast, reliable, and user-friendly



Some customers have a list of their attendees and need AET to import the list to the badge printing stations.


Text in for session attendance, text out to assure attendees stick around, scanning at door, CEU tracking, and more.


Choose your size and design your layout. Graphics are preprinted off site and the variable information is printed onsite.


Post Check-in messages include: Personalized and updated schedules, information on speakers/sessions, text alerts, and more.


Links to surveys can be included at session check in via text messaging, AET compiles responses and provides data.


A valuable tool for exhibitors who wish to follow up, post-event. Offered at zero additional cost to clients.

Quick, Efficient & Easy Event Registration in Irvine, CA

We offer event registration systems that are simplified and advantageous to businesses and corporate organizers in various ways. Providing a contactless event registration service that automates the process of registering and sharing information with attendees.

AET’s event registration system allows individuals to arrive, check in, and have their information and badges printed within minutes. Thus, there is no need to queue or delay any presentations; all guests can access everything they need through their tickets and mobile devices.

Here are some of the key benefits of event registration in Irvine:

  • Integrated and innovative solutions
  • Improving individual experience
  • User-friendly registration
  • Streamlined and professional process

Instead of the stress of trying to arrange big events, print tickets beforehand, and rush registration to avoid queues- contact us for streamlined event registration at 530-413-5212. We are ready to assist you with all you need to know about our quick, easy, and efficient registration and event badge printing in Irvine.

No More Long Lines with Onsite Event Badge Printing!

One of the notable advantages and time-saving features of our service is onsite event badge printing. Conference organizers can access all attendee information 24/7, and the system is synchronized to reflect last-minute changes before event badge printing in Irvine.

Badges, wristbands, or QR codes for attendees can be seamlessly programmed to include necessary information, such as access to different venues, vouchers, and meal coupons.

Here are some of the features of our event registration system:

  • Space saving kiosks
  • Professional user-interface
  • Automatic event badge printing
  • Advanced distribution techniques

Our services are trusted by prominent clients throughout the U.S. who are hosting conferences and organizational events.

Why Choose Our Event Registration System in Irvine?

Event Registration System Irvine CA
Once you change to our event registration system for Irvine conferences and events, you will save time and money and reduce the stress of prearrangements. Our focus is providing an event registration system that is innovative and efficient but also easy for individuals to understand and use.

There is no need for staff involvement in our event registration system; attendees can easily register onsite for the event from any device. Additional attributes of our service include:

  • Standard or custom attendee surveys
  • 24/7 access to the AET registration site
  • Valued efficiency and professionalism
  • Customized website registration page

From registration and event badge printing to lead engagement following conferences, we are an all-inclusive service provider for Irvine events. 530-413-5212

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