Your Event Solution

For every type of event or conference, we provide easy, accurate, and safe registration and entry systems.

Custom Event Registration Websites

We have a team of web developers ready to assist you with custom web sites or choose from an existing template that already has the essential elements built in. We can quickly get your registration site up and running. Your registration site can continue to register attendees clear through the end of the event.

Text Registration Process

Don’t have enough technology for registration? We make it easy with our text registration process. Attendees text their information to a posted number and can even pay entrance fees with their credit card. In this way thousands of people can all pay and get a badge or ticket at one of the print stations.

Onsite Registration Options for Fast Entry

We’re able to accommodate multiple registrations, quickly. Mobile staff equipped with hand writing enabled tablets can quickly register those that have not yet registered. If a credit card payment is required they can also swipe the credit card with the optional credit card reader, fast and easy!

contactless badge registration


contactless event badges

Can I use our registration system?

Yes, we import your registration information using a excel spreadsheet that contains all the fields needed to create your badges, session attendance and Exhibitor Lead Retrieval. Spreadsheets can be sent to us 10 days prior to your event, with late attendee information added as late as the day before.

Can the AET Website Registration look like my website?

The AET website Registration is a button off your website. The AET registration page is a data collection page branded with your logo. After completing the registration information and paying, the registrant is sent seamlessly back to your website.

What size badges do you have?

AET has 3 standard size badges to choose from: 4” x 6”; 4” x 4”; 4” x 3”

You send us the graphics to preprint on the badge stock. Ask us about custom badge sizes.

Can you distribute tickets with the badges?

Our 4” x 6” and 4” x 3” badge stock is available with tickets. Easy distribution for drink tickets, raffle tickets, save the date info. Let us know what you would like printed. Ask us about custom badge tickets.

What do you do with the cell phone numbers?

AET uses the cell phone number only for the purpose of badge printing, session check-in and conference engagement games. We never sell your information.

How can I change a registrant's information?

Once your AET registration website is set up, you have 24/7 access to the downloaded information. You can change and save information on the Search & Edit Screen. When using the AET registration system you have 100.

How does exhibitor lead retrieval work?

Not every event attendee is a lead for your exhibiting company. With the Active Leads Mobile App your exhibitors can scan attendee badges with their smart phone to capture pertinent information about the people that visit their booth. Notes and other information can be added to the lead record. Export the leads as an Excel Spreadsheet with just a click of a button. Leads can be emailed to the corporate office, to a sales manager or to themselves at any time.

Capturing leads are not limited to exhibit hours and booth space. Attendee badges can be scanned at social events, during sessions or even chance encounters in the hallways. Increasing the number of qualified leads for your exhibitors is at the top of every event planner’s list. Make it simple by offering the Active Lead Mobile App.

The app can be installed on an Android Smart Phone or iPhone.

Do you offer CEU at your event?

We make it simple. You have 2 choices to capture session attendance. Our text-in method requires no app to be downloaded. The attendee simply texts a unique code word to a posted conference phone number for each session they attend and AET automatically checks them into that session and date stamps the time of attendance. OR you can choose to have attendees scan a QR code on their badge as they enter the session.

AET creates reports that define who checked into each session and when. AET then creates CEU certificates for your attendees. You define the information on the certificate. We take all the work out of a huge task.

Do you do paper surveys?

Session attendance tracking allows AET to text a survey for each session when the attendee checks in. AET compiles all the data providing you a summary report and a report with the raw data, including open ended question answers. Take advantage of our economical standard survey or have us create a custom survey for your event.

Learn more about how we can improve your event registration process.