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session tracking AT&T Park - San Francisco Giants
"We worked with TRAQ-IT* on our largest and most important event of the year to facilitate our check-in process of over 20,000 attendees. Throughout the entire process the intelligent and dedicated staff led the way from setting up the infrastructure, to sending out the email and text invitations and digital QR code tickets, to bringing all the equipment and necessary staff to handle this enormous event. TRAQ-IT had all the bases covered and recommended streamlined efficiencies that ended up making our check-in process the smoothest it has ever been for this event. Our end client was extremely happy and attendees of the event appreciated the digital ticketing process. I would highly recommend TRAQ-IT and hope to work with their team again in the near future."

Rory Davis, Sales & Marketing Coordinator - Giants Enterprises.

*TRAQ-IT was the marketing arm for Active Event Technology for this event. On-site staff, equipment and software were provided by Active EVent Technology.
Scanning the Badge Beiersdorf
Thank you for everything you did to help make our 2015 AAD such a success. From the very beginning you each made it clear that you would do whatever necessary to provide Beiersdorf with what we needed. You totally fulfilled this promise!! I personally worked closely with Allan, and really can't say enough about the amazing job that he did to create a flawless registration process.

For the entire AAD, each of you were a true Beiersdorf team member, providing help with any area that we requested. Many times I would request that Omar and/or Allan to take over a registration machine at a different location - only to move them again within minutes!! Each time they not only would accommodate these requests - but did so with such a positive willingness!!!

The experience of working with the entire Traq-It team was so rewarding and I look forward to working with each of you in the future.

My very best,
Genentech Genentech
We give the team an "A"! I did not receive a single phone call during the event it went so smoothly!

Scanning the Badge Kaiser Permanente
...outstanding work that you did to support 2015 National Bargaining.

image San Diego Association of Realtors
The best badging system we have ever used!

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