Whether it is a custom registration web site, mobile registration staff, text messaging registration, registration while on a bus or the traditional registration desk, Active Event Technology has you covered.
Mobile Registration Image On Site Mobile Registration
Mobile staff equipped with hand writing enabled tablet PCs can quickly register those that have not yet registered. If a credit card payment is required they can also swipe the credit card with the optional credit card reader.
leadmanager File Importing
Some of our customers already have a list of their attendees and just need us to import the list so the badge printing stations recognize the attendees as they call for their badges. WE can accomodate that as well.
Tablets On Site Registration
Mobile tablets allow roaming staff to help those that have not registered for your event. There is also an option for unregistered attendees to enter their information using their cell phones via texting. Those that are without a cell phone can be helped by roaming staff members or at a traditional registration desk. Since the majority of attendees will be able to get their badges from the self help badge station kiosks the few that need help will be able to receive the personal attention they need.
Options Custom Registration sites
We have a team of web developer ready to assist you with custom web sites or choose from an existing template that already has the essential elements built in. We can quickly get your registration site up and running. Your registration site can continue to register attendees clear through the end of the event.
Text Registration Text Registration
Some events have so many people that do not register before the event that it is impossible to provide staff and computers to accomodate them all in a timely manner. In this case we can utilize our text registration process. Attendees simply 'Text' their information to a posted phone number and can even pay entrance fees over the phone with their credit card. In this way thousands of people can all pay and get a badge or ticket at one of the print stations.