Lead Retrieval
Lead information can be scanned and notes taken immediately. Some options include a digital pen that allows hand writing directly on the tablet screen. Search functionality allows exhibitors to go back and add additional information later, after the big rush is over. Several options are available.
lead manager image Scanning the Badge
QR codes that hold the attendees information are on each badge and can be scanned with tablets and smart phones with our scanning software. It's quick and easy. No network connection is required.
leadmanager Taking Notes
After the badge is scanned, booth staff can add or correct information by writing on the screen. The hand written notes are automatically converted into typed text. Custom qualifiers can be included and even the exhibiting companies product line can be listed.
Transfer leads Retrieve the lead data anytime
The lead data can be exported to multiple formats and transfered whenever the exhibitor needs them. If they get a "HOT" lead they can transfer it immediately to start follow up instead of waiting until after the event.
Options Options
There are many options available. The exhibitors can rent units or use their own equipment for a discounted price. Laptops, tablets and smart phones may all be used to gather the lead information.