Badge Station Kiosks
Badge stations come in many configurations. Some events only need to print badges from a desktop. Others can also distribute lanyards and bags filled with event collateral. They can be customized to your needs. Since each badge station can distribute up to 2,000 badges per hour it is easy to calculate how many badge stations are required to make sure there will be no waiting in line for your attendees.
lead manager image Getting the Badge
Pre-registered attendees call a posted number in front of a badge printing station in the registration area using their own cell phone. When the call is placed the software recognizes the caller from the registered cell phone number and automatically prints the attendees badge. There is no app required so it is easy to do. Attendees do not even have to have a smart phone. As soon as the call is received the callers name appears on the kiosk monitor and the badge prints out immediately.
leadmanager The MMS Response
After the badge is printed the attendee can receive a texted response with individually selected messages. Schedules, advertisements, coupons, and alerts can be sent to enhance the event experience. A multimedia message with a contest advertisement can increase engagement for exhibitors that choose to sign up for this service.
Tablets On Site Registration
Mobile tablets allow roaming staff to help those that have not registered for your event. There is also an option for unregistered attendees to enter their information using their cell phones via texting. Those that are without a cell phone can be helped by roaming staff members or at a traditional registration desk. Since the majority of attendees will be able to get their badges from the self help badge station kiosks the few that need help will be able to receive the personal attention they need.
Options Badges
There are many options available. Printed schedules can be on the back. Tear off tickets can be included on the bottom. Color logos, fonts, info key boxes, and data included on the badge are all customizable.